Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Little Bit Late...but Still Done

Well my post is a little late, my bad. haha anyways ya that class that i didnt write my blog on, it was a work period. We worked on getting our study guides ready or accelerated math, which i might add is going to be shut down today at lunch to all students not just our class. Hope you all got your assignments done for Mr.Max. It was a good year and i hope that next year is even better and we dont have as much accelerated math haha. Thanks Mr. Max for teaching us and a big thanks from me for putting up with me once again. See ya next year big guy have a great summer.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday june 18

Well it s my turn to blog again and it looks to be the last time. We started class with mental math and we also handed in are currency conversion homework that we did last week. We then did a voted if accelerated math should stay or go next year somehow it turned out to be 7 stay 7 go so the voting did not help any. After that we talked about the exam there will be around 30 to 60 multiple choice and will be worth 40% and the other part will be 4 to 5 questions but you can choice from 6 or 7 questions. Also you can bring a study guide to the exam but it can only be the size of the regular paper. You can use exel graph matica BUT YOU CAN NOT USE THE BLOG OR INTERNET.

Acc. Math Question About Measures of Interior Angles,

So I was supposed blog last week, and I had no idea. My bad, so here is my blog. Captian Kolan came up to me today and asked me to help him with this accelerated math question. The question was:

"Find the measure of an interior angle of a regular heptagon. Round to the nearest degree, if necessary."

A) 129 degrees

B) 120 degrees

C) 903 degrees

D) 140 degrees

To do this question you need to use the formula "(n-2)*180" to find out what the sum of the interior angles are. n is the number of sides that the figure has. A heptagon has 7

(7-2)*180= 900

Now that you know that the sum of the interior angles is 900 degrees you take 900 and divide it by 7.


So the answer is A) 129 degrees

I hope this might help you guys a bit, and good luck on the exam!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Currency Table

Use this one as reference for doing currency conversions:

Currency conversions

Today we did mental math and corrected the 2 questions from yesterday. a) Was 135.31 and b) 26.31.

......the process of getting the answers is a website that has the currency rates without the bank markups, just the rates.

Our assignment is to do A,B, C, using the currency chart that is already on the blog.

It would be a good idea to make a spreadsheet to do all this for you so you don’t have to do it again except change the rates.

Monday, June 11, 2007

June 11 2007

At the beginning of class Mr. Max wrote on the board explaining what were going to be this week, here is the schedule:
MONDAY: currency conversions... notes/example
WEDNESDAY: show up in the resource center SIGN IN!!!
FRIDAY: class is here, work period.. SUB CLASS!!!

Mr. Max then told us what we will be working today and tomorrow. It is Currency Conversion here is what he wrote:

This is the currency table for differant places from the TD Bank

Mr. Max then asked us a question here is the question:

We then got assigned a homework question to help us learn how to figure out the currency.

Hello Fellow Class Mates,

This is Captain Kolan, I was not here on thursdays class sorry, and im sorry for how late this post is but better late then never. From what I have gathered on thursdays class was a work period that started with a challenging mental math. Remember about the 62 objectives due and dont stop working on them because 2 weeks and then we will be worrying about writing exams already. Time flys when your having fun! Well I don't really have to much useful stuff for you but I thought Id leave you with something math related.

Hope you enjoy the comics!
Captain Kolan

Friday, June 8, 2007

June 8th 2007

Today we started out with Mr.Max telling us that there was no mental math...and then the rest of the class we have time work on accelerated math. We have to finish 62 objectives and we have until lunch time before Swanapalooza. During our work class Mr. Marshall came in and told us that we had a math test, he told us not to look at it and keep it face down. Then he told us to look at it then he walked out.
Our math test for the day was a little joke that said "You hunt and gather and still find time to blog?" with two cavemen and one drawing on the wall....
Dont forget your 62 objectives

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello classmates,

Today we started off with mental math. It was alright to me. Mr Max was happy because he got his pen fixed. That didn't take long either because he broke it Monday and got it back Wednesday. That very impressive to me.

For the rest of the class we went on a Participation Walk, it was an all right walk. We went down to the Legion Park and around there then to the Skating Rink. If you had money you could of went and bought a hot dog. But there was on problem kids were skipping the walk and driving there trucks and cars instead. That was bad by the looks of the teachers. I think everyone should of went on the walk and not skip because we were doing that as a school thing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5/07

Well today we had a work period, but it was kind of a secret or he tried to make it that way anyways. We had to write down the work we did yesterday on a piece of paper and hand it in for marks. I wasnt here yesterday so im just wondering Mr. Max what do I do for this assignment? Seemed lke today Max was not in a good mood which sucks cause when i see someone in a bad mood it kind of turns around my mood! just a thought anyways!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday june 04/07

Today we did mental math in the begining of class, then we finished our tax template questions. I had some trouble but nothing i couldnt figure out, hopefully it went the same if not better for all of you. 62 objectives is the new thing in mental math, wow thats alot. Anyways have a good day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tax Template

We started class to day with mental math. We then started doing are tax template. He then told us to due a question 5 on page 31 for homework. We are supposed do it on paper and not the excel template. We Got sidetracked again today with were we should park I know he wanted me to write something on the blog that happened in class but I forget what he said.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

may 29

Today we started with mental math. Then we began to work on our Statement And Demand For Taxes…but then the fire alarm interrupted us, sadly. But once everyone got back to the class room we carried with what we were doing. We learnt how to calculate Total Portioned Assessment.
Total Port. Asses=total asses. X 45% (round to nearest 10$)

After that we Mr. Maxx found this nifty website We got sidetracked a bit but it was fun. We then bought a house in Calgary. It was a nice place, few bedrooms, bathroom, generally a nice neighbourhood. We then used the TM and figured how much it will cost to buy in 25 years if mortgage rates were to go up and it came out to be around a million dollars. Wow. Kind of puts things in perspective.

Monday May 28, 2007

Today we started off the class with another mental math quiz. Some people learned that Gary Doer is the premier of Manitoba.

Then the rest of the block was working with our property tax template. Mr. Max was showing us the formulas to put in the template. It is a little confusing now, but once it is done it will be very useful.

Everyone should still be working on accelerated math, because the school year is getting close to an end.